Our Story

About Honey Blossom Ragdolls

Hi, I am Mallory and I am the proud owner of Honey Blossom Ragdolls, a cozy and loving cattery. Specializing in traditional Ragdolls, we raise kittens with colorpoint or mitted markings. The colors we produce are the classic seal and blue. Kittens are raised in the home with the freedom to roam once they are old enough. We have a 65 pound older female dog, Skully, who loves the kittens and is always careful to tiptoe around them.

My adventure into breeding Ragdolls began in late 2021. After 18 years in the service industry, I needed a change. My mother is a Ragdoll breeder and I have always loved playing with the adorable kittens at her home. She was generous enough to send me home with a male and three females to begin my small cattery. I am grateful to Jollytime Ragdolls for helping to establish Honey Blossom Ragdolls and for sharing over 15 years of breeding experience and expertise.

Our Home

The Roomates

Skully is a 13 year old boxer-bully mix that looks over us here at Honey Blossom Cattery. She is more agile than she looks, especially when little kittens are afoot! Skully knows to "be easy" around the babies and allows them to become familiar with dogs, even big ones. Please keep in mind that while the kittens are used to dogs, your dog may not notice the fragility of a kitten. Take care when introducing kittens to any other pets, especially large dogs.

Yoshi is a one-year old neutered male Ragdoll that lives here at Honey Blossom. He was born here and stole my heart, he is not part of the breeding program. He is a companion to the adult cats and "Uncle Yoshi" to the kittens. He keeps things interesting around here and is our resident prankster.