Health Guarantee

Please read before considering reserving a kitten

Honey Blossom Ragdolls Health & Genetic Guarantee

Four Day Health Guarantee
Mallory Milstead guarantees that at the time of purchase the kitten is free of internal and external parasites as well as any hereditary/congenital defects or illnesses that are life-threatening. He/she is guaranteed to be free from any viruses or bacterial infections. The buyer has 4 days (96 hours from purchase date) to have the kitten examined by a vet of their choice. This confirms that the kitten is healthy at the time it is rehomed from Mallory to the buyer. Failure to do so voids all guarantees. A dated copy of your veterinarian’s health assessment must be received by Mallory Milstead within 10 days of purchase date for the health and genetic guarantee to be valid. If a veterinarian finds the kitten has a life-threatening illness or genetic defect at its first exam (within 96 hours of purchase), a refund of the full purchase price will be given (less any travel expenses). Kitten must be returned with all original paperwork and a statement from a licensed veterinarian. Mallory reserves the right to contact the buyer's veterinarian before issuing a refund. No refund will be given for new owner becoming allergic or wanting to return the kitten for any reason other than a life-threatening hereditary defect or life-threatening illness. If you can no longer keep your Ragdoll for any reason, at any age, the cat is never to be taken to a pound or animal shelter. It should be responsibly rehomed or returned to Mallory for rehoming. Under no circumstances will any refund be given if the owner decides to rehome the cat.

One Year Genetic Guarantee
In the case that the kitten dies from a hereditary or congenital health condition within one year of purchase, a refund of the purchase price will be given minus any transaction (PayPal, Venmo, CashApp) fees. Proof of a genetic related death must be confirmed and documented by a licensed veterinarian. These documents must be provided to Mallory in their entirety. Breeder reserves the right to contact the vet to confirm any relevant diagnosis or information. Viruses, bacterial infections, FIP, FeLV, and FIV are not covered in the one-year health guarantee. These conditions can stem from the kitten’s environment, over which I have no control. Kittens should be kept indoors to avoid contact with potentially infected outdoor cats. Declawing is strictly prohibited as it is detrimental to the health and safety of kittens. Declawing a kitten will completely void the health guarantee.
The kitten should be kept on Purina Naturals (not Nurture) Kitten Chow for three months after going home to avoid diarrhea and stomach upset from food change. Food changes should be a slow process spanning several weeks. He will come home with a six-pound bag of food.

*****Kitten must be spayed or neutered by 16 weeks of age. TICA paperwork given upon confirmation of sterilization*****

It is a breach of this contract to breed the kitten without explicit consent. This contract will be adhered to by buyer and breeder. Mallory Milstead is not responsible for any vet expenses incurred by the buyer.

How to Reserve a Kitten